2 Unlimited

Anita Doth, b. 28 December 1971, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (replaced by Marjon van Iwaarden, b. 18 June 1974, Kruiningen); Ray Slijngaard, b. 28 June 1971, Amsterdam (replaced by Romy van Ooijen, b. 18 November 1971, Amsterdam)

A DUTCH TEChNO-POP outfit, 2 Unlimited, who achieved over 18 million sales in the nineties, are best remembered for the hit single ‘No Limits’ (1993).

Eurodance producers Phil Wilde and Jean-Paul DeCoster began the 2 Unlimited project in 1990, soon recruiting Slijngaard and Doth to add their voices to the single ‘Get Ready for This’ (1991), which immediately became a European hit. Get Ready (1992) achieved global sales of three million, while a version of the title track became the group’s only Top Forty hit in the US after being used at sporting events. No Limits (1993) topped album charts across Europe, while the single ‘No Limits’ was an international number one. ‘Faces’, ‘Let the Beat Control Your Body’ and ‘Maximum Overdrive’ were all highly successful in the UK. Real Things (1994) was equally successful, earning gold status on the day of its release in Britain and spawning further hit singles in ‘No One’, ‘Here I Go’ and ‘Nothing Like the Rain’.

After issuing the compilation volume Hits Unlimited (1995), Slijngaard quit the group to maintain his X-Ray label, while Doth pursued a career in TV and radio. Wilde and DeCoster announced plans to revive 2 Unlimited in 1998 with two new singers. Van Ooijen and van Iwaarden fronted the singles ‘Wanna Get Up’, ‘Edge of Heaven’ and ‘Never Surrender’, and released an album, II (1998), but failed to match the success of the earlier incarnation of the group.

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