A Flock of Seagulls Answer All Your Questions and More!

Fan Mail From Some Flounder

WHEN WE offered 10 lucky CREEM readers the chance to have their questions answered by England’s newest hitmakers, A Flock of Seagulls, little did we realize just how large their following was!

The CREEM offices were literally deluged with mail ever since the contest was first announced a couple of months ago, with mail arriving from such desolate outposts as Nome, Alaska, and Newfoundland, Canada!

Needless to say, when Mike (the diplomatic Seagull), Paul (the quiet Seagull), Frank (the practical Seagull), and Ali (the witty Seagull) arrived at the CREEM offices fresh from their latest conquest of North America, they were really blown away by the response we had received! After a short break for Cokes and doughnuts, all four sat down to answer the following questions, drawn at random, from all the entries received.

So here goes — and look sharp! Who knows? Maybe your postcard was one of the lucky 10 which were chosen!

* * *

1. NANCY and DIANE BAKER (of Toronto, Ontario) write: “We’re a couple of foxy chicks, and we’d like to know if any of the guys are married. Also, what kind of girls do they like? We’re available, by the way.”

Well, girls, there’s hope for you yet, as none of the band members have made it to the altar so far. Ali says he likes “all kinds of girls”; Paul likes them “tall and long-legged”; Frank admits to being partial to “quiet, blue-eyed blondes who are five feet, seven inches tall”; while Mike goes for “small, fat blondes from Brooklyn and Texas.”

* * *

2. JEFF PLEWMAN (of Concordia, Kansas) writes: “I’m a struggling musician who someday would like to be a big rock star. I’d like to know how long it took to record the Seagulls’ first album, and how much it cost. I would like to record an album of my own someday.”

According to Ali, Jeff, the debut Seagulls album took eight weeks to record, and cost the band “every penny” they had — so if you have dreams of making the big time one day, you’d better start saving up now!

* * *

3. JOHN LAMONT (of Utica, New York) writes: “The English language has always held a special fascination for me, so when I buy an album, you can be sure that I always pay special attention to the lyrics. With this in mind, I’ve noticed that A Flock Of Seagulls’ lyrics are always dealing with outer space and stuff. So I’d like to know what their favorite planet is, and why.”

OK, John, Paul likes the Moon (“because I can see it!”), but Ali, Frank and Mike all give Saturn the nod. Ali and Frank both like it “cos it’s got colorful rings,” but Saturn is Mike’s favorite planet “because it fucking is, that’s why!”

* * *

4. GARY TOPP (of Santa Rosa, California) writes: “Dear Seagulls, which historical characters do you despise the most?”

Paul despises Steve Strange and Johnny Rotten; Mike despises Henry VIII; Frank despises Adolf Hitler; and Ali despises Little Nell — although he’s quick to point out that his favorite personality in history is Alice Cooper!

* * *

5. MAGGIE DOWLING (of Sheffield, England) writes: “Here’s an easy one for you: who are your favorite musicians?”

Nice one, Maggie, here’s your answer: Paul likes Bill Nelson; Mike likes Bill Nelson, Roxy Music, and Bryan Ferry; Ali likes Phil Collins; and Frank likes (surprise!) Paul Reynolds!

* * *

6. TOM ROBE (of Auckland, New Zealand) writers: “As an artist, I’ve found that you can tell a lot about people by their favorite color. So what are your favorite colors?”

OK, Tom, analyze away: both Paul and Frank vote for black; Ali likes blue; and Mike is keen on yellow! (Don’t forget to send us your interpretations, alright?)

* * *

7. REET PINTSON (of Alberta, Canada) writes: “What is your idea of happiness?”

Frank: “Peace and quiet”; Paul: “Me and my girlfriend alone at a restaurant”; Mike: “Sitting in a McDonald’s when it’s pissing down outside and being able to afford another Quarter Pounder with cheese”; Ali: “Holding onto my drum sticks. The mistake I make most is dropping them.”

* * *

8. KEN STEACY (of Zweibrucken, West Germany) writes: “I would like to know what military event in history the band admires the most.”

Uhh...sure, Ken. Anyway, Paul replies: “the Falklands”; Ali cites “AC/DC’s revival”; Frank was too offended to offer a reply; and Mike says “piss off!”

* * *

9. ELIZABETH BERNFELD (of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) writes: “What, for you, is the height of misery?”

Mike: “About six feet.”

* * *

10. STAN SPOONER (of Terra Nova National Park) writes: “Why should people buy your album?”

Frank says “it’s better than buying Glen Campbell’s”; Ali says “it’s cheap”; Paul replies “it’s the only way to fly!” and Mike retorts “so that we don’t have 750,000 of them in my bedroom, you clever bastard!”

* * *

Well, that about wraps up this month’s question and answer session with A Flock Of Seagulls.

We’d like to pass along an extra special Boy Howdy! to the lads in the band for taking the time to drop by and reply to your postcards. Needless to say, all four are fans of CREEM; so much so, in fact, that — although the magazine comes out but once a month — Paul was heard to exclaim “CREEM? I buy it every week!”

Then again, don’t most pop stars?

* * *

As for those of you who submitted postcards which weren’t selected — don’t worry: perhaps one of yours will be chosen next month when Doug Ingle and Iron Butterfly answer all your questions…and more!

© Jeffrey MorganCreem, February 1983

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