ABC: ‘The Look of Love (Parts One, Two, Three & Four)’ (Neutron, 12″ EP)

Mr. Fry tells us in the chatty liner notes that it is time to “put down that bow and arrow and dry those tears” — his new single is out. An unabashed paean to romanticism and love, ‘The Look of Love’ is a joy, all set to the best dance rhythms since, well, I can’t remember. From the opening chords Martin’s smooth and sexy voice seduces; it’s wrapped around saxophones and strings, and backed by a persistent bass drum and an irrepressible chorus: “Who Got the Look?”

Buy the twelve inch and you’ll get a “string” version and a “funk” version. After three perfect records Mr. Fry will soon teach us the Lexicon of Love, his forthcoming LP. Well, I have seen the future of dance music and it is alphabetical: ABC.

© JJulie PanebiancoBoston Rock, 7 July 1982

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