Adamski: Doctor Adamski’s Musical Pharmacy (MCA)

THIS IS Adamski’s proper studio LP and it marks the end of his transformation from underground rave king to madly grinning pop star. Of course, it features the recent hits — ‘Killer’ and ‘Space Jungle’ — but the question is, surely, can Adamski’s fondness for quirky, “futuristic” synth noises and his newly-found singing voice hold our attentions throughout a whole LP?

There are some definite highlights — the howling Happy Mondays-style vocal of ‘Flashback Jack’, the bouncing cheery pop of ‘Future Freak’, and ‘Soul Kitsch Inc.’ — the cheeky interpretation of late ’60s American group The Doors’ ‘Soul Kitchen’. However, there are two distinct low points, ‘Eighth House’ and ‘Squiggy Groove’, two instrumentals that don’t particularly work either as stunning rave tunes or ‘atmospheric’ pieces. The best track has to be ‘Everything Is Fine’, which features Adam reciting the dance alphabet (“A is for adrenalin..B is for the bouncy beat” etc.). It might not be a classic album, but the one thing that has to be admired about Adamski is that he’s not peering meaningfully through his fringe on the cover, he’s merrily floating on his back in a pool of water along with an inflatable fish and penguin. If he goes down the dumper tomorrow, he’ll go down laughing. (8 out of 10)

© Tom DoyleSmash Hits, 17 October 1990

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