Adorable: Against Perfection

THE RAILWAY CHILDREN revival finally kicks in! Adorable, Creation’s mouthy four-piece, were clearly reared on a grim teenage diet of early ’80s guitar­based angst — heavy on Echo & The Bunnymen — which is still haunting them now. Their press shots may frame them as spiky glamour pusses but on the inside they’re wearing long, grey overcoats.

Still, if it worked for The House Of Love why can’t it work for Adorable? Robert Dillan has mined a rich, fresh seam of languorous guitar melodies, alternating them between thrashy pop anger (‘Favourite Fallen Idol’) and slow-burning tear-jerkers ( ‘A To Fade In’. ‘Breathless’). Meanwhile, singer Piotr Sijalkowsky has mastered the cocky disaffected indie whine well, although his persistent attitude lyrical bent is the biggest turnoff here.

Sadly, contrary to their own assertions, this is not a vision of tomorrow but a professional and perfunctory visit to an old and lonely sound — the Bunnymen with less McCulloch but added Ian Brown instead. Perfectly serviceable but not much fun.

© Ted KesslerSelect, April 1993

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