Alternative TV: Rat Club, London

ATV — FIRST gig with permanent drummer Chris/multi-cultural type crowd with heavy star attendance/sweating/Throbbing Gristle tapes/’Some kind of fanny show’ (?)/drag queen movie (I missed it)/opened with ‘Still Life’ grinding like ‘Sister Ray’/no monitors/backing vocals inaudible/Alex spluttering guitar like Neil Young on ‘Hurricane’/new songs included: (I think) ‘Sleeping in Bed’ and ‘My Hand Was Still Wet’ and encore of ‘Total Switch Off’.

/Genesis P Orridge thinx: they’re getting more normal/I don’t know: they’re getting more popular/is it art?/is it The Raspberries/I do know that: they’re very tight, very professional, they have good songs, the bass and drums were better than ever (Chris is fine, kids) (so is Tyronne, he’s got the Power) Mark is a great front man, Alex can play (unique but not inaccessible), and I bet they’re going places/we took polaroids, made tapes/and there was a Popeye cartoon afterwards/ I always did like Bluto/don’t they do some funny gigs? First Deptford Festival now this place/this band could go anyplace: the bargain bins or the charts — the avant-garde or Top Of The Pops or maybe both? And I think you have to admit, to inspire a ranting piece of art/crap like this review they must be at least interesting

© Sandy RobertsonSounds, 1 October 1977

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