Amon Duul II: Phallus Dei (Liberty)

JUST TO prove that the Continent is taking some of the initiative, here comes a really interesting German band who appeared with the Nice and Deep Purple at last year’s Essen Festival.

Slight suggestion of Velvet Underground (who always sounded Teutonic anyway) in their approach, particularly in the talking vocal of ‘Kanaan’. The sound is often heavy, shimmering, and Satanic, and the phrasing of the guitar-player makes sure he never really sounds like anybody else.

Sometimes the odd bit of weirdness is reminiscent of the Hapshash albums, and the 20-minute title track is a horrific sound-collage which might be the score to an Edgar Allen Poe movie.

© Richard WilliamsMelody Maker, 21 March 1970

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