Anthrax: Persistence Of Time

THIS TIME NEW YORK moshers Anthrax sound like they’re really pissed off….at least, that’s what they’d like you to believe as they hurl their third LP your way. Rather than dabble with designer devil worship, a ploy that too many of their contemporaries have signed away their creative souls to, Anthrax prefer to roam the city streets, thrashing it out in urban squalor to drive their message home far deeper than the rest.

Persistence Of Time is the “resulting collection” of songs for what the band describe as their “Among The Living” mode. It is a record which finds them coming to grips with their hard-earned status as Thrash superstars, as well as an opportunity to kick up plenty of fresh dirt. If you’ve been with the band from the beginning then the eleven new songs here will thrill to the marrow. Cautious newcomers to the band should equally prepare to have their prejudices and inhibitions blown clean away.

Where the band are bound is to be found within both themselves and their audience, a searching and searing trip to the back of your mind, where all fears and phobias are wrenched out, examined and trampled underfoot. With this powerful, and occasionally personal, record, Anthrax’s time has surely come.

© Edwin PounceyVox, October 1990

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