Atomic Rooster: Marquee Club, London

ATOMIC ROOSTER are still a sadly underrated group, and perhaps their personnel changes have had a lot to do with that. Well news for the Rooster fans is that they are once again a stable swinging trio who can hold ground with the best of them when it comes to excitement.

The indomitable Vincent Crane on organ is now working with John Cann on lead guitar and Rick Parnell (drums) and the presence of two lead instruments merely adds to the dynamics. Cann is a great showman not to mention a good guitarist and Vince himself supplies all the necessary bass lines.

Rooster are an energetic band on stage and delighted an enthusiastic audience at the Marquee on Friday.

Support band Blitzkreek, a very heavy rock trio, blasted everyone’s ears, and indeed played with such venom that the drummer went through his skins and had further trouble with the bass pedal. Blitzkreek were tight and swung like mad. But they were like so many of these groups with no identity and very few ideas, distorting badly as they turned up the volume.

© Jerry GilbertSounds, 17 October 1970

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