Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll: Open (Marmalade)

ONE OF THE album events of the year featuring two of Britain’s more talented artists, organist Brian Auger and singer Julie Driscoll. Everything about it is different and original, and it marks a milestone in pop achievement, without being pretentious or over-arranged.

Brian’s fiery, driving organ is a dominating factor throughout, backed by Gary Boyle (lead guitar), David Ambrose (bass guitar) and Clive Thacker (drums). Julie shows on her side of the LP that she is a most underrated singer, constantly impressing and improving. Listen to her sing soul like ‘Break It Up’ or Donovan’s ‘Season Of The Witch’.

Various “hang-ups” link each track, like Big Ben chimes or a baby crying, which aren’t really necessary, but tie in with “Auge Jools” loon image.

© Chris WelchMelody Maker, 25 November 1967

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