Christina Aguilera: Bi-On-Ic

CHRISTINA AGUILERA’S first album in four years finds the former golden girl of US pop re-emerging into a musical world where Lady GaGa has set the bar at a quite extraordinary height.

To her huge credit, Xtina doesn’t flunk the challenge, equipping herself with a vast army of collaborators and producing a set of sleek, gleaming, often jaw-droppingly lascivious pop anthems.

She may recently have become a mother but sex is firmly on her mind: ‘Sex For Breakfast’ is so steamy it should come with a XXXtina rating, while ‘Woohoo’ finds her proudly lauding her own nether regions (“All the boys think it’s cake”).

Her guests all bring something to the party, with M.I.A. lending trampoline rhythms to the carnal ‘Elastic Love’, while Peaches and Le Tigre turn the delirious ‘My Girls’ into a truly demented electro-doodle.

So far so GaGa, but Aguilera also packs a couple of trademark shoulder-heaving ballads, including the Linda Perry-penned ‘Lift Me Up’, onto a schizophrenic but fun album that proves Xtina is no spent force.

© Ian GittinsVirgin Media Music, June 2010

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