Christina Aguilera: Bionic (RCA) ***

ON THE FACE OF IT, Christina Aguilera’s fourth studio album offers plenty of intriguing potential new directions, featuring as it does collaborations with the likes of Santigold, MIA, Peaches and Le Tigre.

However, this apparent diversity simply disguises her lack of any original approach. Much of the album is taken up with the kind of android-themed electro-R&B schtick that was done to death years ago by Janet Jackson and more recently by Britney Spears: cue robotic beats, cyborg vocals and the like, combined with Aguilera’s tawdry super-slut persona in tracks like ‘Sex For Breakfast’, ‘Desnudate’ and ‘Woohoo’, the latter a pet name for her privates. The rest of the album is bulked out with routine R&B balladry, save for the Le Tigre collaboration ‘My Girls’, a Sapphic anthem stomp that furnishes one of the few moments of real interest.

© Andy GillThe Independent, 4 June 2010

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