David Ackles: Subway To The Country (Elektra stereo EKS 74060; 39s 11d)

DAVID ACKLES seems to have a preoccupation with gloom, doom and disaster when writing songs, but it usually turns out that numbers written in that vein are better than his lighter works. On this album there are four outstanding tracks and each one is in some way sad.

On Side One, ‘Candy Man’ is a story about a one-armed man who is regarded as something of a clown by everyone else. He’s just after his rights and is somewhat bitter.

The title track is a strange thing about a father who wants to take his two sons out of dirty New York but he hasn’t got the fare. The music, which follows the theme of the song so exactly and compliments the lyrics so well (as it does throughout the album) changes as Ackles alters his tone. This LP is extremely good and will enhance Ackles.

© Richard GreenNew Musical Express, 17 January 1970

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