David Ackles: The Troubadour, Los Angeles CA

Ackles Intellectual

DAVID ACKLES is an intellectual troubadour. He is a man who can say so much but still leave the coloration to ones imagination.

David Ackles, who performed at the Troubadour on the same bill with Elton John, could also be called a story singer. His story songs are of common human experience, but his view point is original and often startling. ‘Rosie’ is such a song, of a past love that sounds more like a dialogue than a song.

Probably David Ackles best song of the set was ‘Subway to the Country’ a rather interesting, emotional comment on today’s modern artificial life.

Ackles’ voice is clear and manly and his phrasing, as with all good folk-storytellers, is all his own. He leaves an audience thinking and not just sitting there.

© Anne MoorePhonograph Record, September 1970

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