Delaney & Bonnie And Friends: Carnegie Hall, New York NY

GUITARIST DUANE Allman, moving with agility, skill and taste from bottleneck to feedback, was probably the Friend who fitted best into the D&B format at their sellout concert, Oct 4. He moved easily into and out of the blues, gospel, country, rock and revivalist strains that the Atco Records duo mix and merge, and then tie together into a working entity.

Other friends included King Curtis, sliding his knife sharp tenor tone through the group, John Hammond Jr, (guitar and harmonica), Bobby Whitlock, organ, and Jim Gordon, drums (both now with the new Clapton group).

The first half of the concert was an acoustic set (which does not mean unamplified) and gave opportunity to examine the subtlety of Allman’s technique which seems unforced and natural, assimilated from rather than educated into. The final half was all electric — excitement building steadily from the interaction of the musicians to each other, which is as it should be. Gordon here was exceptional — a listening drummer.

The audience jumped to its feet at the end and moved unselfconsciously to a Little Richard rocker, good time valid music, good times from stage to audience, from audience to stage. 

© Ian DoveBillboard, 17 October 1970

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