Eric Burdon & The Animals with Zoot Money: The Revolution, London


ERIC BURDON and the Animals with Zoot Money at the Revolution on midnight last Wednesday was the wrong time and the wrong place. However, with an incredible light-film show behind them (which gets their act off to a bizarre start depicting drummer Barry Jenkins as a Christ-like figure, being booted about and crucified by the Animals dressed as German and American soldiers) and guitarists like John Weider (who doubles more than effectively on electric violin) and Vic Briggs, now augmented by Money’s electric organ — they have an exciting, thundering sound only equalled by groups like the Stones.

The group were much too powerful for an intimate club atmosphere and it was rather like sitting two foot away from a cinemascope epic with the stereo going full blast in your ears.

Some Burdon themes of “Race Problems,” “Love” and “Religion” are reflected throughout ‘No More’, ‘I Get So Excited’, ‘When Things Go Wrong’, ‘San Franciscan Nights’, ‘Paint It Black’ and ‘Monterey’. Zoot performed two solos, ‘Landscapes’ and ‘Gemeni’, both with beautiful words — both wasted on an inattentive audience.

© Keith AlthamNew Musical Express, 1 June 1968

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