Jimi Hendrix, The Move, Amen Corner, The Nice, Eire Apparent, Pink Floyd: Royal Albert Hall, London

HUBBLE, BUBBLE, toil and trouble, and wowee Jimi Hendrix! The Hendrix-Move tour thundered off on its trip round Britain with a deafening start at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday last week.

The Pink Floyd threatened to walk out on the tour during the afternoon when it was said they could not use their own gear and a cinema screen behind the stage, as it would block the view for fans seated at the rear. In the end difficulties were resolved, the Floyd went on and the fans’ view was blocked.

The Floyd gave one of their colourful and deafening displays of musical pyrotechnics, and indeed all the groups were painfully loud, with the agony increased by the horror of the Albert’s acoustics.

The Eire Apparent practically damaged my hearing system for life; the Nice, my favourite group, blew their cool; the Amen Corner raved like a show band, and the Move thundered along in a shower of ‘Flowers In The Rain’.

Jimi was great, and deserved the ovation, but really Mitch and Noel shouldn’t make announcements. Sorry lads, but Jimi sounds better with the chat.

Too many groups spoiled the broth, as my earologist told me later while pouring a soothing mixture of Blenkinsop’s Patent Ear Improver down my lug-hole. Ugh.

© Chris WelchMelody Maker, 25 November 1967

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