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SAD NEWS for Byrd lovers — Gene Clark is suffering from “nervous strain” and has been advised by doctors not to undertake any further personal appearances with the group for the next several weeks.

Byrd’s manager, Eddie Tickner, revealed that: “He’s clearly not well enough to cope with the pressures and strains of one-night stands and cross-country travel. Gene, of course, remains a member of the group and will continue to write songs and work with them on their recordings.”

Gene’s “illness” will force him to miss the remainder of the Byrd’s cross-country tour which began on March 3 and winds up in early April.

Herman’s Gold Taken

Herman is having his share of problems too. When he arrived back in London, after a brief stopover in L.A., British custom officials confiscated his Gold Record at the airport! Their reason? The disc, an award from the American record industry for sale of a million dollars of the group’s records here in the U.S., will have to be valued and the proper amount of duty paid on it by the group.

Naturally, Herman, the Hermits and their management are furious at the confiscation protesting that an award for export earnings should not be dutiable.

I admit to almost total ignorance on the subject but it seems to me that this whole thing is something of a fiasco and a particularly lousy deal for Herman.

Congrats to the Righteous Brothers for a lot of things but especially for their fantastic new record, Soul And Inspiration. I’m glad to hear both Bobby and Bill’s voices on the disc — sounds great for a change.

However, someone certainly steered the Brothers’ publicity people the wrong way. A release states that Bobby and Bill are the only recording artists in history to ever have three LP’s in the Top 15 best selling albums at the same time.

Four For Herbie

No so. Herbie Alpert has done it before and, in fact, the talented Mr. Alpert and his TJ. Brass currently have four albums residing in the Top 15 in the nation!

The Young Rascals have a brand new one, ‘Good Lovin”, which is already a smash in New York and promises to be just as big all across the nation. I heard a sneak preview of the new song about a month ago when Eddie sang it to me right here in The BEAT offices.

It sounded like a winner then and I certainly hope it is because these five Rascals are one of the funniest groups on the scene — also one of the most talented. So much so that I have finally completely forgiven them for keeping me waiting four hours for an interview that time!

Britain’s Musician’s Union is considering a proposal to ban miming on television shows which would drastically effect the current crop of English pop shows.

In the first place, only the groups who are able to reproduce their record sound “live” will come out sounding half-way decent on the shows. And secondly, the television shows themselves will be forced to go to considerable expense to hire an orchestra to back up their guests which is. of course, exactly what the Musician’s Union has in mind.

‘Heartache’ for Marvin

Marvin Gaye has another smash in ‘One More Heartache’, which is not at all unusual for a Motown artist especially for one of Marvin’s calibre. As also befits a member of the Motown family, Marvin has lined up a busy schedule for himself.

He’ll play Vancouver’s Cave Supper Club, Bimbo’s in San Francisco, the Whiskey A Go-Go on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip and New York’s Copacabana.

Marvin will also be on Ed Sullivan in June and is currently in New York cutting his next album which will be predominantly blues with such tracks as ‘Night Life’, ‘This Will Make You Laugh’ and ‘Funny’ included on the LP.

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