Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Beat Street (Atlantic 780 154-1)

Film break

HERE WE go, Harry Belafonte and the Furious Five… well, not quite, but this latest breakdance boom flick is produced by old Harry and the soundtrack doesn’t include a breakin’ version of ‘The Banana Boat Song’.

What it does include is one or two numbers that actually do work outside the context of the film, and that’s one or two more than usual with a soundtrack album. Grandmaster Melle Mel and the FF kick off with a pretty furious rap attack on ‘Beat Street Breakdown’ and if it behaves like ‘White Lines’ then we’ll see it in the Top 40 by Christmas ’85.

In the meantime, producers and writers of the moment The System sound nice and tight on ‘Baptize The Beat’, Af Bam and his Soul Sonics are on fair form with ‘Frantic Situation’ — and after that you’re stretching it a bit. +++

© Paul SextonRecord Mirror, 30 June 1984

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