The Action, Bluesology: Shoreline Club, Bognor Regis

BOGNOR REGIS’ Shoreline Club offered sweet refuge from lashing seas and freezing winds last Saturday, as it reopened under the watchful eye and new musical policy of London’s Marquee club.

As the kids scurried into the ultra-violet blue rays, Long John Baldry, compere for the night, loomed on stage like a dangerously swaying tower in the middle of a freak-out! He introduced, in course, Sounds Unique, a two drummer-powered group from Bournemouth, and Bluesology, Marquee Club regulars, who both set the evening off to a fine start land built up an atmosphere a lot warmer than the promenade outside.

The late arrival of the Action raised no complaints and considering they had played two sets in Brighton already, their set was lively and high-powered.

A successful opening but it was apparent that the Marquee’s musical policy will have to be twice as adventurous if it’s to lure enough ravers away from those cozy sitting room fires.

© Nick JonesMelody Maker, 5 November 1966

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