The Allman Brothers: Seven Turns

LAST YEAR’S EPIC DREAMS boxed set satisfactorily covered the full history of these good ol’ Southern boys and their particular brand of rock ‘n’ blues. So much so in fact that to ask for more would almost sound greedy. Not that a little thing like that has stopped lead bro’ Greg Allman from ringing up the rest of the gang to get back together … for old times’ sake. These sort of reunions usually end in disaster, but happily Seven Turns avoids sounding like just another rematch.

Joining vocalist/keyboards player Greg are original members Dickie Betts on guitar, Butch Trucks and Jaimoe on drums, Johnny Neal vocals/keyboards plus new guitarist Warren Haynes and bass player Allen Woody. The emphasis on the new music they play so impressively together is to retrace their original roots where Southern rock and country blues are stirred together to create a highly intoxicating musical mint julep. ‘Low Down Dirty Mean’ is the kind of blues that crawls down your spine like a diamond back, while ‘Loaded Dice’ and ‘Gambler’s Roll’ are smokey rockers that growl about the band’s fate at the hand of Lady Luck. The Allman Brothers may be out of luck at the gaming table but their gamble to return as a force to be reckoned with has certainly paid off.

© Edwin PounceyVox, October 1990

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