The Angry Samoans: Back From Samoa (Bad Trip Records)

THIS VENOMOUS collection of thirteen originals plus a nutty cover of ‘Time Has Come Today’ displays all the fury and sick humor of the band’s independent EP, and hilariously punctures the clichés of hardcore thrash through an amazing heap of invective. All but one of the tracks run less than two minutes, with many clocking in under 60 seconds.

The subjects are gleefully and directly attacked — murder (‘Steak Knife’), self-mutilation (‘Lights Out’), generational warfare (‘My Old Man’s a Fatso’), and the calculated-to-be-offensive ‘They Saved Hitler’s Cock’. The vocals by Todd Homer and Mike Saunders are full of snide and sneaky attitudes, and the lyrics make fun of self-destructive punks and middle-class kids alike by casting everyone in the first person and then demolishing the speaker.

‘You Stupid Jerk’ contains only four lines, as pithy as the taunts of junior-high toughs, and ‘Ballad of Jerry Curlan’ was composed partly by guitarist Gregg Turner’s mother, who can’t understand why her son’s band is so negative. She delivered some thoughts which Turner adapted for an outrageous result along the lines of ‘Harriett Nelson Sings the Best of Fear.’

The Angry Samoans have cast themselves as the most repulsive band in California and have found rich satirical material in the sewers and alleys. Back From Samoa contains something to offend everyone — get it before it gets you.

© Mark LevitonMusic Connection, 3 February 1982

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