The Attack: Hammersmith College, London

HOLY SENSATION! It’s Richard’s Attack, a new group who had fans fighting with excitement at Hammersmith College on Friday last week.

The group, formerly known as the Soul System, fronted by singer Richard Shirman and combined earthy, blasting sounds with plenty of movement and audience participation.

They have a driving drummer in Neddy Whitehead, who played an exciting power packed solo, an excellent guitarist in Dave O’List, who might follow in Peter Green’s footsteps, and solid backing from Gerry Henderson (bass) and Bob Hodges (organ).

Richard yelled his way through ‘Sock It To ‘Em R.S.’, ‘Respect’, ‘Said I Would Not Tell Nobody’, and many more, leaping onto the organ for a final freak-out.

© Chris WelchMelody Maker, 24 December 1966

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