The Bachelors Have Split up — But Only to Get More Space

THE BACHELORS have split up. Not for real, but much to the relief of Con Clusky and John Stokes, youngest member Dec Clusky has moved out of their North London apartment and taken his own pad!

“What a relief to get away from the other two,” said Dec between mouthfuls of dried-up baked beans. “They used to hound me day and night. ‘Course, it was quite intentional that I was never home when the flat needed cleaning, or there was any cooking to be done! They’re older than me. Let them take care of the baby in the group!

“Seriously, though, I moved because the fiat was getting a little cramped with the three of us, and I got the opportunity of a new place so I took it.”

“It’s a fabulous flat,” said John. “In fact, from that point of view, we’re beginning to wish we’d gone with him. Still, when we’re not working, we spend most of our time there anyway.”

And Dec’s new kitchen is where the Bachelors are working out new experiments with their favourite dish — spaghetti Bolognaise.

“Every time we invite someone to dinner, we wind up with a variation on spaghetti,” says Con. “It gets a little tiring at times, but we can’t cook anything else! If we go out to eat, it’s usually Chinese or Indian food.”

They also go for a lot of fruit, yet despite the big vitamin kick, The Bachelors are rapidly losing weight. Dec says that over the last year, he’s dropped about a stone and a half and John and Con, whose frames were well covered, are beginning to look like members of the Shadow Squad!

The Bachelors have been pretty busy over the last few months, but they’re more excited at the prospect of things to come. For a start, they’ve invested some money in a new American musical due to open in London next month.

“It’s called Pocahontas,” said Con. “It’s costing over £60,000 to stage, and we all hope it’s going to be a smash.

“It’s a story of British pilgrimage to America, and Kermit Goell has written some fabulous music for it. We’re not appearing in the show, but we’re writing all the arrangements.

“From the songs point of view, there are definitely some which could be as big as the score from Stop The World. In addition to the arranging, we’re also waxing all the demo discs.

Las Vegas

Then there’s a chance that the Bachelors may appear for a month in Las Vegas!

“We’re not sure about this deal yet,” said Dec. “But if we go, it will be after Christmas for a night club stint.

“But before that, there’s so much else happening. We’ve got the Gerry and the Pacemakers tour, and a month of dates in Ireland, for which, to be patriotic, I intend to paint my bass green!

“Seriously, though, we played a one-nighter in Ireland last week, and although we loved it, we were a little upset that none of us could get home to see our families.

“Gosh! By the time we’re through with all these dates, we’re going to look and feel worse than ever! Can you imagine three emaciated beatniks on stage, and someone saying ‘Where have the Bachelors gone?’ That would be a laugh!”

© June HarrisDisc, 14 September 1963

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