Various Artists: Music From The Motion Picture New Jack City (Giant 9 24424-1)

‘New Jack Hustler (Nino’s Theme)’ — Ice-T; ‘I’m Dreamin” — Christopher Williams; ‘I’m Still Waiting’ — Johnny Gill; ‘(There You Go) Tellin’ Me No Again’ — Keith Sweat; ‘Facts Of Life’ — Danny Madden; ‘For The Love Of Money’/’Living For The City’ (Medley); ‘I Wanna Sex You Up’ — Color Me Badd; ‘Lyrics 2 The Rhythm’ — Essence; ‘Get It Together (Black Is A Force)’ — F.S. Effect; ‘In The Dust’ — 2 Live Crew.

YOU’LL PROBABLY be familiar with the most immediate cuts from this soundtrack as they’ve already been released as singles and are doing the business on import.

Probably the best cut, in my opinion has to be Ice-T’s furious paced ‘New Jack Hustler’, which is the theme tune of the film’s villain, Nino (Ice, as I’m sure you know, plays the hero). As ever with an Ice-T cut, you’re confronted with some hard-edged lyrics, and attitude ridden delivery and, of course, some firin’ beats, not to mention the attacking brass and guitar parts.

Christopher Williams (a smooth criminal in the flick) bows in with an infectious, soulful and slick slice of swing with ‘I’m Dreamin”, while Guy do what they do best with the equally catchy theme tune.

On the slower, soulful side, Keith Sweat’s subtle, jerky outing ‘(There You Go) Tellin’ Me No Again’ (produced with Bobby Wooten of the Wooten Brothers) and Johnny Gill’s impassioned ‘I’m Still Waiting’ provide a pleasant respite before Danny Madden’s ‘Facts Of Life’ beefs things up again. Other than these cuts, tracks worth mentioning would have to be Troop/Levert & Queen Latifah’s remake of ‘For The Love Of Money’/’Living In The City’ (medley) and the very sparse yet mildly addictive ‘I Wanna Sex You Up’ by Color Me Badd. Unfortunately, the Al B Sure! produced ‘Get It Together (Black Is A Force)’ by F.S. Effect and Essence’s ‘Lyrics To The Rhythm’ left me cold. 2 Live Crew’s ‘In The Dust’ is a fairly listenable lazy gangsta rap with a familiar bassline. (Rating: 7) 

© Jeff LorezBlues & Soul, 30 April 1991

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